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About Me


When I was 13 years old, my world was turned upside down when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. We were clueless about the implications and what lay ahead. Determined to save her life, my father took her from Sri Lanka to London for world-class treatment, all paid for by his company. It was ingrained in our culture to support one another and ensure my father could still take care of our family, my mother, and his business.

Sadly, after a five-year battle, my mother passed away. I relocated to Melbourne and began working and studying. My first job was in finance, but I was laid off after six months due to the Global Financial Crisis. I spent the next three years in another finance role, learning everything about the industry and earning my CPA. However, the demanding workload and long hours dedicated to reporting became overwhelming, leading me to quit after just six months.

In my fourth job, I ventured into a different field, working for a company specializing in process transmission. It provided exposure to change management, process reengineering, and valuable new experiences. Unfortunately, the company decided to offshore everything, including the product and the entire finance function, resulting in my layoff. Taking a break, I reflected on my future path.

I joined Melbourne Water, where I focused more on process transmission. During this role, I realized the tremendous amount of time and effort dedicated to reporting, with little compensation. It was impacting people's well-being, even though it was rarely discussed. Families and individuals were affected, yet the toll remained largely unaddressed. Eventually, I transitioned to a different department within the company, responsible for reporting in the HR division. Here, I had the opportunity to delve into data analytics and automate reporting processes.

My passion for streamlining and improving these processes took root. I dedicated myself to building capabilities, creating dashboards, and implementing automated reporting systems that empowered others to access and refresh data more efficiently than ever before. Witnessing the positive impact of these solutions ignited a drive within me.

Throughout my journey, I have realized what is truly possible. I am committed to helping organizations unlock their full potential through streamlined reporting and data-driven insights. Together, we can navigate the complexities of data and transform it into a powerful tool for growth and success.


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