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Data to Insight

Empowering Organizations with
Data-Driven Insights and Strategic Expertise

Daneesha can help you to do this.

Ready to unlock your business's true potential? In today's data-rich world, Daneesha Fonseka's expertise in data analytics, process automation, and business transformation empowers organizations to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive meaningful results. Embrace transformation, seize the data-driven opportunity, and unlock a future of success with Daneesha's guidance.

About Daneesha 
Consultant | Keynote Speaker

Daneesha Fonseka is a sought-after business consultant and CPA-qualified expert in data analytics, process automation, and business transformation. With over a decade of experience driving and supporting organizational change, Daneesha has helped small, medium, and large companies increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve productivity by leveraging data and evidence-based insights. She is a skilled storyteller who can translate complex data into compelling narratives and insights that drive business outcomes.

As a speaker, Daneesha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her presentations, inspiring audiences to embrace new ideas and embrace change. Her engaging style and practical advice make her a popular choice for conferences, workshops, and corporate events. Book Daneesha for your next event and discover how she can help you transform your organization.  


Offer transformative speaking services to ignite change and inspire audiences.


Strategic consulting to transform businesses through data-driven insights and process automation expertise.

Data Cleansing, Modeling For Pitch Deck Preparation

Data cleansing and pitch deck preparation service. 

Training Staff On How To Use And Analyze Data

Tailored training programs to enhance skills and drive organizational growth.

Redefining Success: Beyond Offshoring 

Nurturing Positive Organizational Culture

Daneesha, with over thirteen years of experience in the reporting space, has witnessed the challenges faced by working mothers who find themselves working late into the night to meet tight deadlines. She has also observed the negative consequences of poorly executed organizational changes, leading to layoffs and chaos within companies. Offshoring, often used as a solution, can actually result in inefficiency and negative impacts on both individuals and their families.

It is important to understand that hiring someone at a lower cost does not guarantee efficient work. Such practices can perpetuate a form of modern-day slavery rather than uplifting humanity. The repercussions of redundancies extend beyond the workplace and affect the well-being of families.

We recognize the importance of proper structure and considerate change management to ensure a harmonious and productive work environment. Our approach focuses on creating sustainable solutions that benefit individuals, families, and organizations as a whole.

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